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Breesaapstraat 29 A
1975 CA   Ymuiden



Welcome to the official Rob Deut website.

Located next to Amsterdam between the sea locks and the harbours of an old Dutch smugglers town called Ymuiden, lies the toko of Rob Deut. Cruiser of the Seven Seas ,Tattoo-artist ,Painter and Seeker of the path.
Since 1978 he travelled intense over this planet, and  he lived and tattooed in many countries  and gathered his knowledge about the meaning of designs by working together with the local artists and craftsman in Asia ,Africa North and South America, Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia. etc. etc.

Deut has specialized himself in Ethnic, Oceanic South Seas style of tattooing, including
the Maori Kiri-Tuhi style with the koru ,the enfolding spiral as the main design, the Marquesan style with the bigger bold black designs worn by the great warriors for protection in warfare and the great sea journey’s they made, Tahiti style, where the Tiki is mostly used as well plants, trees, land and sea animals are used  and then there are the Hawaiian shark teeth and spear point tattoos, artwork from Samoa, Fiji islands, Fatu-Hiva Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea etc. etc.
To read more Oceanic Tatau styles read the further explanations of designs on the website.

All these works of art displayed on this website are NOT meant to be used as a catalogue
of what is available , these are tattoos worn by other people already, designed specially and only for that person according to his/her live experiences, family, occupation, dreams wishes, etc etc... and many more private personal information, which is sacred for them.  SO PLEASE RESPECT THAT!!!

I receive many e-mail of people who live a bit further away and would like me to create an online design for them, which they then can have tattooed by their local tattooist … once again this is impossible ,if you like my work you will have to travel.
I need to look you in the eyes, touch your skin feel and your mana.

Then you will wear an original piece of art created in my spirit ,all others will be spiritless copies, and remember your tattoo will last longer than your life , it will gain your spirit and strength , but it doesn’t come by mail.
Once I know who sits in front of me, the process can start; staring at a blanc sheet of paper is different....
if you want the real McCoy, plan your journey ahead , take some days of and come over, I make it a lifetime experience you wont forget.

And last but not least to mailing me about price inquiries is useless. 
E-mailing me about the meaning of designs, useless too.
We work by the latest standards of the Health department regulations.
And the Studio is registered, regularly checked, and fully Health Department licensed since Jan 2008

Rob Deut Tattoo studio is not a regular walk in Toko, the door is locked at all times to keep the privacy and relaxed atmosphere at top level.

Appointment or information,only through the Seven Seas email. Write in this mail size, where the tattoo should be put, style (eg Maori, Marquesan), the meaning of the tattoo and your telephone number.No correspondation through e-mail on prices.
Consider a rather long waitng period and before you start mailing all kind of questions, FIRST read the website introduction, most of your questions are allready answered there.

Have a nice day and hope  to see you soon , Rob Deut